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Set Default Programs For Unknown Files!

Have you received a file by e-mail which you are unable to open? Do you repeatedly get the error message "Windows can't open this file" or nothing happens at all when you double click on a file? Advanced File Optimizer helps to Set default programs for such files providing you a permanent solution.

Works with Window 7, XP and Vista

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How Advanced File Optimizer Works?

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The problem:

Many a times you try to open a file, and get the error message like “Windows can’t open the file” Windows cannot open the file, because the file that you are trying to open may be associated with incorrect program or the associated program is not installed on your system. In certain cases, you may not be able to open the file due to registry errors.

The solution:

Advanced File Optimizer helps you open all types of files that includes audio & video file, graphic file, document file, compressed file, file downloaded from internet and many more. It sets default programs and frees you from the trouble of dealing with unknown file and confusing file extensions.

Advanced File Optimizer scans your system to let you know which program to use to open a file. It allows opening files that cannot be opened using any application installed on your computer. Also it helps to open those files which are affected by registry errors.

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“I was unable to open my important file that was interfering with my work. I have downloaded and installed Advanced File Optimizer that helped me out. It quickly fixed my problem. I consider it to be a must have product for anyone using a computer.”

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Dean Gooderham Acheson Image

“I downloaded and installed Advanced File Optimizer on my system. It works effectively and without a problem. I love how the program is setup... it's easy to use and I like the user interface. I get rid of frustration and error messages ‘Windows can’t open this file’. Thank you for creating a solution to my problems.”

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Features of Advanced File Optimizer:

Handles File Associations

Sometimes the files are in a format that cannot be opened using any application installed on your computer. Advanced File Optimizer detects the files do not have correct association and suggests you the associated and appropriate programs to download.

Easy Scan Process

Advanced File Optimizer scans your system and detects all extension related problems and helps you in finding which program to associate to open a file. Also ensures that you have the necessary software to open all file types.

Make your PC trouble free

Advanced File Optimizer not only helps you to open a file also it monitors your system and notifies you any change in file association of any file.

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Free for personal use

No limits, no Registration, Fully Functional

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